Welcome to "Turtles of the World"

This project developed naturally as an update of our 1989 book "Turtles of the World", and the web format is timely in this age of electronic data dissemination. Knowledge of the biology of turtles has dramatically increased in the last ten years, several new taxa have been described, and major rearrangements have occurred in their higher taxonomy (based largely on the use of new biochemical tests), making a current list of turtle species with descriptions, an identification key, and brief natural histories in one vehicle a necessity to both scientists and laypersons interested in these fascinating creatures.

Turtles have taken on a more important role due to research interests in their ecology and behavior, and to their ever growing popularity in the pet trade. Unfortunately, these interests come at a time when many turtle species are declining in numbers and more and more are becoming threatened or endangered. It is hoped that this project will provide a means to further spur constructive interest in this group with the purpose of conserving these animals for future human generations.