Subfamilia Geoemydinae

Theobald, 1868
Geoemydine turtles

The subfamily Geoemydinae includes the 10 genera Cuora, Cyclemys, Geoemyda, Heosemys, Mauremys, Melanochelys, Notochelys, Pyxidea, Rhinoclemmys, and Sacalia, with 41 species. Their triturating surfaces are narrow and ridgeless, except in Melanochelys which may have vestigial longitudinal ridges. The lower triturating surface does not extend behind the dentary symphysis. The vomer is small, does not form a part of either the cranial floor or the triturating surface of the upper jaw, and does not cover the praepalatine foramen. The anterior opening of Vidian's canal lies opposite the extreme anterior edge of the lower parietal process. The parietal bone touches the quadrate posterolateral to the trigeminal foramen. Squamosals barely, if at all, touch jugals, and the quadratojugal and jugal do not touch. Digit 5 of the forefoot contains two phalanges, while the 5th digit of the hind food contains three phalanges. A plastral hinge is present in adult Cuora, Cyclemys and Pyxidea.