Ocadia philippeni

McCord and Iverson, 1992
Phillipen's stripe-necked turtle

The carapace (to at least 21.9 cm, and possibly to 36 cm; McCord and Iverson, 1992) is moderately domed and tricarinate (medial keel pronounced, lateral keels low) with a smooth to slightly serrated posterior rim. Vertebral 1 is variable in relative length versus width, but 2-5 are wider than long. The carapace is reddish brown to nearly black; if brown, the keels are dark brown to black. Plastral formula is: abd > pect > fem > gul > an > hum. The plastron is pink to orange with a large dark blotch on each scute. A smaller dark blotch occurs on the anterior bridge and sometimes also on the posterior portion. The ventral surface of each marginal contains a dark blotch. The upper jaw lacks a medial notch and its triturating surface is ridgeless. The head and neck are olive-green to olive-brown dorsally, cream to yellow ventrally. Four narrow longitudinal, dark-bordered light stripes are present on each side of the head and neck. The chin is yellow. The ventral surface of the hindlimbs is devoid of dark marks.
Sexual dimorphism is as in O. sinensis.

This species is only know from the vicinity of Gancheng, western Hainan Island, China. De Bruin and Artner (in press) intensively explored this area, but could not locate any Ocadia philippeni.

Geographic Variation and Habitat

Natural History
In late October, a 21.4 cm captive female laid six brittle-shelled, oblong eggs that were 38.7-41.6 mm long and 24.0-25.2 mm wide (McCord and Iverson, 1992).

IUCN Red List Status (1996)
Data deficient.