Ocadia glyphistoma

McCord and Iverson, 1994
Guangxi stripe-necked turtle

The carapace (to 19.9 cm) is moderately domed, tricarinate (medial keel prominent, lateral keels low), and slightly serrated posteriorly. Vertebral 1 is usually wider than long; the other vertebrals are wider than long. Carapace ground color is either dark brown with dark seams or totally black. The keels are not distinctly colored. Plastral formula is: abd > pect > fem > gul > an > hum. The plastron is dark yellow-cream with a large dark blotch on each scute, two dark blotches on each bridge, and a dark blotch on the ventral surface of each marginal. The upper jaw is medially notched, but the upper triturating surface lacks a ridge. The dorsal surface of the head and neck is dark olive-brown. Four, occasionally five, narrow, black-bordered light stripes extend from the sides of the head onto the neck. The jaws and chin are yellow with some dark mottling. Bold dark marks are present on the ventral surface of the hindlimbs.
Sexual dimorphism is as in O. sinensis.

This turtle is only known from southwestern Guangxi Province, China.

Geographic Variation, Habitat, and Natural History

IUCN Red List Status (1996)
Data deficient.