Genus Chinemys

Smith, 1931
Chinese pond turtles

Chinemys includes two semi-aquatic species in Southeast Asia, one subtropical (nigricans), the other temperate (reevesii). The carapace is low arched and bears either a single medial keel or a medial and two lateral keels. The short neural bones are six sided and shortest anteriorly. The plastron is well-buttressed, and lacks a hinge. The entoplastron is crossed by the humero-pectoral seam. The skull is short, with a complete temporal arch, and has shallow inferior, but deep posterior, temporal emargination. Each squamosal touches the postorbital, jugal, and maxilla, but nearly excludes the postorbital from the supratemporal. The maxilla is separated from the inferior parietal process by the palatine, and the orbito-nasal foramen is small. The pterygoid ridge touches the articulating surface of the quadrate. Triturating surfaces are broad and ridgeless. A short angular bone is present on the lower jaw, and the coronoid bone has a very high process extending above the other bones of the lower jaw. Tail length is moderate in adults, but long in juveniles. The toes are webbed.

Species identification
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